Hancock’s cover of ‘My Son’ goes platinum

Chuck Hancock‘s cover of Jewell’s first hit with Hank Williams, “My Son Calls Another Man Daddy,” has earned a Platinum Disc Award from music and video resource AirplayExpress, scoring 2 million downloads and counting. Chuck is Jewell’s beloved nephew, a gifted singer and songwriter who has chalked up many hits and awards.

That’s an awesome achievement. Congratulations, Chuck. Jewell would be thrilled.

“It’s a great tribute to aunt Jewell,” Hancock said. “Her song went platinum. So well-deserved.” In 1950,, Hank’s “Long Gone Lonesome Blues” had charted for 21 weeks (five weeks as No. 1) while the flip side, Jewell’s “My Son Calls Another Man Daddy,” climbed to No. 9. It’s back in a big way in 2021.

We understand downloads of Chuck’s cover have been heaviest in continental Europe, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

And heartfelt congratulations to Allen Karl and Donna Staten Cunningham of Century II Recording in Nashville whose backing has meant the world to Chuck, who’s now an even prouder part of Century II’s stable of artists.

Here’s the link to Airplay Express’ page about Chuck:

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