The gift of family history

How valuable Is family history? Consider this finding in a recent study. “Children who know their family history, who have shared in these stories, develop a sense of self embedded in a larger familiar and intergenerational context, and this sense of self provokes strength and security.” And consider this response to, Jewell’s Facebook page […]

The Fautherees’ supper at Jewell’s

Hayride artists evidently considered Jewell to be an important person to know not only as a songwriter and friend but also as someone with a growing and influential network in Nashville and at the Hayride. Artists often drove from Shreveport or elsewhere to visit Jewell in Texarkana. Here’s an example from Nancy Fautheree, widow of […]

Jewell and Faron: A nugget turns up

With thanks to Jewell’s great-nephew, Wayne Hill, we can share this photo from one of his scrapbooks — a snapshot of Jewell and emerging superstar Faron Young backstage at the Louisiana Hayride, maybe in the mid-‘50s, judging by Jewell’s hairstyle. Wayne responded when I urged family members to share any memorabilia they may have that’s related […]

Jewell’s catalog: questions and clues

Thanks to Gerilynn Pearce at Universal Music Publishing Group in Nashville, here’s a look at Jewell’s Cedarwood Publishing Company catalog, listing only 19 songs she either wrote or co-wrote. Such a short list was shocking at first glance. Why so few by a prolific songwriter? Jewell wrote hundreds of songs for artists and music publishers such […]