Jewell launches column

March 10, 1956: Cash Box’s Country Roundup carries an item about Jewell’s new country music column for the weekly Two States Press in Texarkana:


News of Jewell’s column in the Two States Press increased readership among artists and their agents as well as country music fans and performers in Texarkana, Texas-Arkansas.

“Writing a very interesting column for the ‘Two States Press’ of Texarkana, Texas, is Jewell House, well-known songwriter in country music. Miss (sic) House recently inaugurated a new column featuring stories and news of country music personalities each week. The first such feature was devoted to Ferlin Husky, with one on Jim Reeves slated soon.”

Thanks to music historian Dominique Anglares of Paris, France, for sharing the clip with us.

Drawing on her extensive network of friends and colleagues in Nashville and elsewhere, as she did with her KCMC radio program, Jewell’s column built fresh local and industry readership for the weekly Two States Press, which published 1934-1961.

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